The Northern Conversations Podcast

A conversation with MLA Adam Olsen about the pre-meeting Territorial Acknowledgement

November 15, 2020

As someone who chairs and/or leads business meetings on a regular basis, I have been encouraged and challenged to begin meetings with a First Nations Territorial Acknowledgement. It's been a fascinating, earnest & unexpected  journey of self-awareness and personal reconciliation. I have sought guidance and understanding from regional First Nations leaders and have recorded these discussions to help broaden the dialogue & conversation amongst business community colleagues.

Saanich North & the Islands MLA Adam Olsen and I have had numerous private and public conversations over the last 18 months specific to the Territorial Acknowledgement background and reasoning. Adam wrote about this issue in his blog @ & we discuss the topic in this podcast. Thank you Adam for the invaluable education and historical context dialogue and reconciliation that is just starting for so many of us.

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