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Michelle Loughery - Master Artist - Creative Rural Community Consultant - Creative Economy Strategist

January 14, 2020

Artist, Project Manager and art educator, Michelle Loughery ( has worked in the field of community public art for 30 years and has created hundreds of large-scale fine art murals and projects. Loughery approaches large-scale art without use of grid or projectors and in addition to accepting commissions for public, corporate and private murals.  

Generation two of Loughery's work offers a unique community WAYFINDER artworks digital rural employment strategies. This signature original program enlists youth and elders in the community as apprentices, and trains them in the techniques of art and digital story telling while leaving social, economic and tourism benefits behind. 

  • Listen in this podcast to our self-identified "small town coal mining girl" (based in Vernon)
  • we chat about mural & public art and how this activity changes communities , specifically in this podcast First Nations Communities
  • Michelle reviewed numerous projects that have positively impacted First Nations Youth including:
    • Premier's Artwork Charity Foundation - a charity (6 million was raised) whose revenue was directed towards trades & employment training for First Nations Youth
    • Wayfinder Public Art Project ( - using art to bring communities together & helping First Nations Youth learn job skills thru art and helping them stay and live in their communities

How to contact Michelle:

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